Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Nocturnal Visitor

One evening, I had a noctarnal visitor, a vampire bat. It was surprising since all the windows and the grills on the balcony were netted. 
The creature was flying too fast all over my living room creating havoc within me.
My screaming brought my mom running to the hall. She left saying it will find its way out soon.

I was not pacified and somehow made my way into the kitchen and brought a plate keeping it in front of me as a shield to ward away the bat. 
The bat was flying too fast and that too very close to my face, and I was literally battling it with my shield. I managed to open the nets on the window and the front door.
Inspite of escaping avenues, the bat found it convenient to hide behind the Ganesha idol displayed on the wall. From there, after taking rest in between its flight, it got twice the energy to fly at me in full speed.
I got exhausted jumping up and down and warding it off with my shield to keep it away from my face. 
It disappeared suddenly even without saying a sorry for having scared the wits out of me, maybe, through the front door. A really frightening excercise to remember.

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