Thursday, March 20, 2014

A doggy affair

Dogs were a weakness for my aged friend.
While in Hyderabad, I stayed in her flat as a tenant.
She owned a sari shop in front of her house.
One day, I visited her when she was getting ready to go to her shop;
Very politely she offered me tea and told me not to be afraid as she had let her two ferocious dogs out and locked the door so that they did not come in.
She left soon, and I was sipping my tea in the cozy dining room.
Much to my fright, I noticed the locked door open and the two dogs come behind one another staring intently at me.
I sat rooted, and then geared up enough strength to get up from my chair, open the door very close to where I was sitting and jumped out knocking a very surprised and shocked uncle ( my friend's husband) who was returning from office. He got up quickly seeing the fast approaching dogs and closed the door quickly. He advised me to stay calm and not panic because dogs get all the more excited when they see any sign of fear or movement.
It was indeed a very frightening experience.

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