Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eye to eye-body parts

A story I composed using body parts idioms

There was a colony of birds.
A crow and a peacock could not see (eye to eye).

One day, the crow found some peacock feathers and disguised as a peacock, strutting all over the place.
The crow kept (dragging its feet), waiting for the right moment for the other birds to praise it.

The crows perched on branches had (a gut feeling) that it was one of their species disguised as a peacock when they saw some exposed part on the body looking black. .

Meanwhile, the crow (kept its ear to the ground) waiting for some praise from the other birds on how beautiful it looked. 

The fraudster got (a kick in the teeth) when the original peacock with the other crows came towards it and wrenched off the peacock features, exposing its original color.

The crow (had egg on its face), unable either to face the peacock or the other crows.
It flew away in shame and remorse.

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Unknown said...

A nice story to make use of the idioms so creatively.

anuprabha v said...

Aesop's fables and fairy tales are my favorite.
Got an idea to interweave the body part idioms into an already familiar story.
Thanks Usha for appreciating my effort!.

Nabanita said...

Cleverly used you know! Good one

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