Monday, August 8, 2016

Individual difference

Living in independent houses has their share of problems and also living in apartments has their share of problems.
Independent houses without any security are easy targets for robbers. The owner has to do all maintainence himself. Sometimes he finds it difficult to get elecricians and plumbers.Pets and plants are the worse hit. Some people may arrange but it gets too expensive and also there is the question of safely.
In apartments, everything is taken care of by the people arranged by the society.
The problem arises due to some people who wants everything to be perfect for them but hesitates when money matters arise.
Some people fail to give maintenance money monthly, do not contribute for repair works and talks 19 to the dozen making excuses. They are not friendly and stays aloof.
It should be understood that when living in a society it is better to be friendly with everyone especially your neighbours. One does not know when their help is needed.
If the owner wants to have a perfect house, he should be willing to pay like others or face the consequences.
What is the use of education if one does not behave like a social being

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