Thursday, May 13, 2021

Comedy of Errors

 Got my second dose amidst a lot of drama.

Had taken my first shot under the belief it was covaxin. I thought it was abbreviation for COVID vaccine..all my relatives from Venu's side had taken Covishield since our nephew worked for a pharmaceutical company manufacturing Covishield. Thought I was the only black sheep.
When the time came for the second shot, I tried calling Appolo Hospital and failed to get any response. A voice at the other end kept repeating click one for English 2 for Hindi and so on. I approached the hospital only to find vaccine stock was over. Had the presence of mind to ask a security. He gave me his number and the number of a staff dealing in the vaccine.
Fortis Hospital being close by, I went there. I was directed to the eighth floor where vaccine was being administered. I asked the attendent whether I can get my shot after getting the first at a different hospital. He said Yes. Felt relieved. But what he said next made me curse myself. They were giving Covishield. Left the hospital with a heavy heart. Again went back to Appolo. Gave a piece of my mind to a staff there telling her the customer care was awful. What if any emergency was there? The hospital was supposed to be renowned for its services. She looked at me and gave me a no. that connected directly to a staff.
Returned home. Made a call next day and was told vaccine was out of stock. Then all got positive at home and under quarantine. Quarantine period got over so yesterday called up the staff and was asked to come the next day as vaccine was available. Meena told me to check again for vaccine taken. It was Covishield. It was like winning a crore in a lottery. I immediately thanked Meena for her presence of mind
Today morning, my son asked me to go for my second shot. Since it was lockdown, it was doubtful whether I would get any conveyance. My maid's husband consented to come with his auto. Son said if any police waylaid, just show your COVID certificate. Before entering the venue at the hospital, a security shooed me away saying only 200 tokens were to be given and no more left. Tried calling the staff, the number security had given. But failed to get her.
Went to Fortis since it was giving Covishield. Unfortunately vaccine was over and stock expected on 20th May. But did not give up hope. Tried the staff's number and got connected. It was truly divine intervention. I told her the issue. She said don't worry you please come. Again went back to Appolo. Asked the security for the staff. He answered rudely no staff with the name. Rang the staff again. She was really polite and told me she was outside in an yellow coat. Located her. Told her I did not have any token. She asked me to follow her, took me inside the room where registration was done with which token was to be collected. She spoke to a staff who asked for my first vaccine certificate, verified it and asked to pay. There was hardly any people. After payment, as I was waiting near the mentioned room, a staff noticed and told me to enter. There was a man just completing his vaccination. Then I was asked to take mine. Waited amidst a crowd waiting to take vaccine. Suddenly remembered to coll ct certificate. Went back. The security was truly perplexed seeing me off and on. Told him I had to collect certificate. I was happy to see the hard copy of the certificate. The first one I had to download. Did remember to thank the staff before leaving. Till now I am in a daze. My positive attitude and perseverance did bring about a positive result.

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