Wednesday, November 2, 2022


Come November
Hope, starting of wonderful thoughts
positive and selfless
let there be no fear in any mind
we are God's children
a mother never differentiates her children whether fair skinned or dark
there is no caste, creed and religion for God
the five elements don't look at religion
blood has no religion
then why so much blood and gore in the name of religion
why are untouchables tortured by high castes
do humans realise
if there were no scavengers to clean our earth
no farmers to raise food
No trees around
where will Mother Earth live
what will happen to humans?
respect Mother earth
she is benevolent and will make the earth beautiful
disrespect her and
witness her wrath in the form
of earthquakes and floods
the poor and rich are the same to her
but will Man ever learn and realize His faults
inspite of all lessons taught
Man oh Man
it is never too late to mend
give respect and take respect
and see the beauty of life

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