Friday, December 2, 2022

Beauty of Blooms

 flowers in a garden

              swaying in the breeze,

              with joy

              gratitude in hearts

              for a beautiful existence

              life is colorful

      sunflowers in all their glory

              with thankful gazes

              at the sun

              for their wonderful and cheerful existence

              alas, the beauty crushed

              under the machine

              for man's selfishness

              sold as oil in shops

              a garden bereft of beauty

              for Man's survival

              behold the flowering


             the jasmine

             spreading fragrance


            on the bride's hair.

            symbol of the married


            on the images of gods

            on the worship vessels

            at home and temples

            decorating the bridal rooms

           symbolising the everlasting fragrance

            in the life of newly weds

           the livelihood for the poor

           being sold for survival

          at street corners, at flower markets

          next comes the rose,

          the king of all flowers

          in various hues

          beautifying gardens, hairdos and coat pockets

          the bridal beds

         garnishing soups, desserts

         and lending fragrance to bath tubs

         as proverbs on roses says

         life is not a  bed of  roses

         roses have thorns


         beauty amidst


         booms are life as well as


         blooms are garlands on a dead man's portrait

        laid as a wreath on shrouds

        decorates a hearse

        strewn on paths

        where the dead is carried

        also, garlands around necks of the living

       in honour and in praise

       blooms decorating temples

       and  homes

       in a floral array

       creativity at its best

       when arranged in floral


      arranged for contests

     and publicity  to showcase

      Man's creativity

      behold the

      beauty of nature

      blooming to please

      Man in life and death

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