Friday, March 31, 2023

Parents and Children

On Parents and Children What parents set as example, children learn. If parents set good examples, children behave accordingly. But all depends on how God wants it to be. There are good and honest parents with wicked and sinful children. But as parents, it is their duty to set good examples and for the children to take it or not is their concern. Some children hate the advices given but will surely learn or already learnt when they are taught a lesson or going to be taught a lesson. ill treating parents is one of the worst crimes.Parents sacrifice so much in bringing up their children. Children taking care of a parent or parents when they are penniless is very rare. There are children who praise parents sky high to get public praise, shower their love and respect on parents' photos hanging on walls after their demise when in real life parents are scorned and not given any respect. Some even shamelessly say that a mother taking care of her children is because it is her duty. Some daughters believe that a mother's place is with her son, she should live with her sons and not daughters. Why such narrow mindedness when a mother is the same for both son and daughter. There are parent/parents sometimes having to separate to stay with their children to adjust to their children's whims and fancies. Did parents anytime separate children thinking they are a burden? Parent/parents may sometimes be nagging, unadjusting and creating problems. Children too would have been the same, but parents bore it. Why can't children? A mother however nagging or cruel she is is after all is a mother. Even becomes a whore to take care of her children's needs. Mothers should give their the due respect and not be scorned for what she does. There are children whose ego does not allow them to adjust with their mothers. There are children who take off all the possessions of their parents and abandon them. They should remember they too have children. Good deed begets good deed. There are grand-children who adore grand parents and grand-children who along with their parents humilate their grand parents. Life is a vicious circle, bad deeds are like a boomerang, it will return back. There are a few children who take care of a parent/parents not expecting anything. The parent may have given all her possession to her child. In spite of it, the child does not show interest in taking care of her in old age. There are daughters and noble hearted sons-in-law who take care of mothers even without expecting anything from them. Inhuman people may talk a dozen things saying she is being taken care of because of her property when in reality she is penniless. How can children who neglect parents live without their conscience pricking them? Such children are surely leading hypocritical and artificial lives. Parents' blessings are the true form of blessings. Even if they are not good parents, the children need not behave like them. Then there will be no difference. You will be setting a very bad example to the growing children. This way there will be no goodness left on earth. There may be squabbles and fights between mother and daughter, but in the end she has to rest assured that she is being taken care of in spite of everything and has a home and not spend her life in any old age home.

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