Friday, July 18, 2014

Delhi Reminiscences

Two brats, staying at opposite houses and aged 3 and 5 years in the early 90's.
Had real fun listening to their conversations. One day, they were in my place stationed on the stairs leading to the other rooms. The 5 year old was heard telling the 3 year old, ' Pata hai, mera daddy gadi banatha hai' ( Do you know, my daddy manufactures cars), immediately, the 3 year old said, 'Aur pata hai, mera daddy tyre banatha hai'. Both their fathers were working for a car and and a tyre company. I could'nt hold my laughter.
The 5 year old soon had a baby sister. He invited the 3 year old to see the new born. Seeing the baby, the 3 year old said,' Tumahara bahen sunder hai'. The 5 year old immediately said, ' Sunder nai hai, bahut sunder hai'. ( She is not beautiful, but very beautiful).
A relative had come home to attend a friend's wedding. Seeing her dressed in her finery with mehendi on her hands, the 3 year old immediately burst into the song- Mehendi laga ke rakhna..
One day during a function in somebody's house in the colony, the cooking was taking place in an open space under the 3 year old's balcony.
The brat brought a stool, stood on it, looked down and started screaming, 'Bhook lagi hai,khana jaldi banau'. ( I am feeling very hungry, cook fast). His father panicked and had to come rushing to whisk him away from the place.
Another time, both the boys took away 2 lt soft drink bottles that was stored for a function and a supervisor had to come barging into their homes to take the bottles back.
The two boys are now adults and into jobs after completing their engineering degrees, but their pranks will ever remain fresh.
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