Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Kitchen Visitor

I was in the kitchen when I noticed this weird looking insect more like a beetle on the window net.
Wanting to get rid of it, I took the kitchen cloth and tried to free it with the cloth when I received a sting and a burning sensation. I left the cloth with the insect in it and ran to my mom.. She came and gathered the cloth when she too received a sting and the sensation. Being brave, she gathered the cloth in spite of the pain and threw it on the service area.
I told her not to kill it but allow it to go free. She said it might sting someone else.
She then took a big spoon just to move the cloth to see what kind of insect it was and found something black that immediately took wings. Luckily, it was not a scorpion whose stinging pain remains for 24 hrs.
Mom immediately took some hot water , put some haldi and salt and both of us had ourselves treated. There is no pain only a small swelling on the stung area. Wonder what insect it was?

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