Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day! #MyFirstExpert

My first meeting with my mother would have been at the time of my birth. Being an overweight baby, by mother had a normal delivery, thanks to all her vigorous household tasks which she did single handedly.
Most modern age expectant mothers find the easy way out through the C-section.
Working mother's have to leave their babies under the care of governesses.
Some turn out to be wonderful caretakers while others take care of the babies for their own selfish motives.
I am lucky to have been nurtured by my mother, a homemaker and not any maid.
I remember my father falling sick, no income and the way my mother made ends meets without my siblings and my knowledge of the hardship faced
At a Rotary function
.                                                    Celebrating mother's 88th B'day.

We never felt there was need for anything. We lived a comfortable life as we always did.
I remember my mother pawning all her gold to meet the hospital expenses when my father was hospitalized .
My parents got my elder brother married into a poor family meeting all the expense themselves.
I remember my mother taking care of her elder brother who had lost his job by taking care of his expenses. I am lucky to have a father who too was noble hearted.
My mother left no stone unturned to bring up her children well.
During her young age, she was a philanthropist helping the lesser priveledged (her cousins) providng some with food and some with money that she used to take without her elder sister's knowledge.
She was a  good, a wonderful mother and a respected member in my father's family.
When I fell sick, my mother aged 68 at that time, came over to Delhi from B'lore immediately to take care of me. I will ever remain grateful for the service she rendered when I lay on bed after a surgery.
Now, going to complete 89 year, she still does the cooking and feels upset if ever I get a bruise or cut a finger and chides me as if I am a small girl. I am also a seniour citizen and feel blessed to have my mother with me when I celebrated my 60th birthday in 2014.
I had the honor to be served the Sadhya that she cooked on that auspicious day.
Belonging to a family of Auyurvedic doctors, even now she makes her own medicine when she feels any discomfort. My husband is afraid to tell her of any discomfort as she is up and about making an ayurvedic concoction which my husband has to drink puckering up his face. Really a monderful mother and a mother in law too.
I feel truly blessed to have her with me, protecting me like a mother hen. On my turn, my husband and I are doing our duty, taking care of her and not leaving her alone whenever we go out station. Either one of us is at home to baby sit her and if both of us have to go, my husband makes sure that someone is there at home.
She is a proud great grandmother today as my son recently became a father.
 I pray to god to give her strength and peace of mind.
                                           My 60th Birthday Sadhya being served by mother Mother's Day!#My FirstExpert

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