Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day poem

Mother's Day comes
children remember
a mother's worth
once a year
her tears and pains
in bringing them up
some considers it
her duty
siblings fight
when mother gets sick
who will pay the hospital dues
oblivious to the fact
that the mother had lain awake
taking care of her child
when lying sick in bed
only aim, her child should get well
ready to sell all to eke out
the money when money
runs out with all
the hospital expenses
brings to mind
the story of a wayward son
who for his wife's sake,
takes the heart from the mother's body,
and while running to his wife
slips and falls,
a voice is heard,'Son are you OK,
the son looks around and sees,
the voice coming from the heart
he shudders and with remorse
curses himself for his wickedness
and remembers his mother
with love that he did not show
when she was alive.

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