Sunday, September 1, 2019

Independence Message

May India wake up to the call of Roti Kapda and Makan ( bread, cloth and shelter) for all the downtrodden and education for their children which will see India developing for human rights. Let there be no discrimination of high caste and low caste. God made everyone equal. The color of blood is the same, they breathe the same air and drink the same water. Names of any caste is not written on air or water. 
Both caste experience the same pain, joy, sadness, and hunger.
Why should a human being be lynched in public? Can't the law take action? Are we human beings or monsters out for sucking blood and enjoying the plight of the person writhing in pain?
Can parents stop murdering in the name of honor? What honor is left for them after such gruesome acts?
If the seven deadly sins
1 Lust
2 Gluttony
3 Greed
4 Sloth
5 Wrath
6 Envy
7 Pride
Is kept under control and such emotions diverted for the good of Mankind, life will be a myriad of colors and not only green and red.
Make the green to keep the environment green.
Let Mother not shower her wrath on us for destroying nature.
Let wild animals have their own haven and let us not make it hellish for them and suffer for our selfish motives.
Hope this Independence sees India in her full glory. Let man and nature join hands to make Mother Earth happy and proud of her children

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