Monday, September 30, 2019

Mystery of the Missing Mobile

For the past two days I was without my mobile. Was sure it was in the house since I had not stepped out of the house.
I searched high and low, inside my wardrobe, shaking my sarees, inside my locker, pulled a kingsize bed,proved my strength when I was able to move it but to my sorrow my phone was not traceable. I had newly updated the number in my bank account and other important accounts.
I called out to all Gods and a certain Ganapahty in Edapally, Cochin..It is still believed Lord Ganesha is sure to find out missing things inside the house but not anything outside.That is our duty..
My prayers are always heard. Before he could act, I had left for Meena's sister's home. Before going Parimala who is my Edapally Ganesha was requested to search out my mobile.
She had done so previously also when I gave up hunting for my mobile. She had found it among the dust collected behind the sofa.
Waking up and before going to sleep I prayed for my phone.
Meena's mother consoled me saying the phone is somewhere inside the house. My grandson also had no idea. My son busy on his kindle just nodded his head without taking off his gaze and only said, 'mil jayega.
Then Meena informed when I returned that phone was traced.
The mystery of the missing phone was then revealed by my Edapally Ganapathy. During her search, she had searced in the kitchen drawers and had found my mobile inside a cooker that is used only occasionally.
It surprised me. Why should I keep my phone inside a cooker.
It then struck me.. Meena's 1 and a half yr old nephew, a real prankster had been here. He might have smuggled it without anyone noticing and put it in the cooker, I usually reward Parimala for her sincere effort, so as usual I rewarded her..
Venu will be happy because I am using his phone.
So Alls Well That Ends Well.

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