Saturday, November 9, 2013

A poem based on Heminway quotes

             The Runaway Bride
She went on a honeymoon with a person she did not love;
She ran away the next day when the sun was rising;
The place she went to was was strange and mysterious;
Lecturers hounded her at sunrise, and evil spirits when dark;
Her husband awaited, he loved her intently;
Being a solder, he had fought for his country;
Now he fought within himself whether or not;
To get his runaway bride back;
He decided to search,
And left no stone unturned;
Love conquers all, and his unwavering love,
Finally found her, in a remote area;
Bedraggled and woebegone;
Bemoaning her fate;
Wishing herself to have been;
More sensible;
Seeing the man she did not love;
In front of her;
Tall and handsome 
She cursed herself;
For having been blind and running away,
From someone so loving and dear;
When he took her into his arms;
Tears of joy welled in her eyes;
She seeked forgiveness,
Folly forgiven, they walk away into the sunset,
Sure about the rising sun in the morrow;
For a bright and beautiful future together. 
Believe in love!
Love conguers all and is god's gift to mankind

A poem for  Hemingway This Wednesday


KParthasarathi said...

Wow.That is an excellent story poem with a happy ending showing the power of true love and large heart.

Richa Singh said...

Through your story you spread such a beautiful message of love. We often wonder if it was love after we have moved on, lucky that this lady got a second chance at redemption..


Unknown said...

Nice poem on the divinity of love. Often we turn a blind eye to people who truly love us; and it is no one's loss but ours..

anuprabha v said...

Thank you for the positive feedbacks