Friday, November 22, 2013

Shades of life now and then

More sinned against than sinning is a Shakespearean saying in The Merchant of Venice.
Rapists and criminals are not born, but made. Parents, schools and society are to be blamed more than the criminals and rapists themselves.
Giving capital punishment or life imprisonment is not the solution.
Such people need counselling and given a new lease of life to see whether they improve especially juvenile offenders.
Inspite of the Nirbhaya incident, there is no improvement in rape cases.
People worship Shakthi, but some miscreants insult her in various abominable ways.
Children are asked to read newspapers to improve their knowledge, but I believe that newspapers today are not meant for children.
Technology is no doubt useful but has opened Pandora's Box.
The olden days without technology seems to have been much better and healthy.
Technology is a boon as well as bane in modern life.

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KParthasarathi said...

This problem defies an easy solution.The values taught at home in young age no doubt has an influence.But in some persons libido is high and the huge exposure to opposite gender in the modern times gives room for such aberrations if one of the two is notcautious or alert.A deterrent punishment no doubt scares many but is not foolproof.Sadly this vice is prevalent at all levels of society.