Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Pleasant Shock

My parent's house was right opposite a teachers' training college in Kolkatta.
One fine day when I visited them, my father handed me a BEd form.
The form was duly filled and along with my father I  went to the
college opposite which was crowed with expectant students.
I had to sit for a test. Since I was a student of logic, I opted for
logic and Hindi other than English.
As I was out of touch with logic for a long time, I found it quite difficult.
Somehow, I finished the 3 hour test in half an hour, not knowing what
to write and pushed off from the exam venue.
Much to my amazement I was one among the 300 students selected.
I am really grateful to my father for having initiated me into a noble



KParthasarathi said...

Life is shaped sometimes by quirks of fate like your dad giving you an application form to fill in and taking you to the centre.

anuprabha v said...

Very true!!