Friday, April 4, 2014

Character is destiny

It is man who makes or mars his destiny.

A true story is about Mohan who is overtly possessive of his son Amrith.
His neigborhood dhobi's son also called Amrith is of the same age as Mohan's son.
Mohan brainwashes his son regarding their social status and the dhobi's povery and admonishes him whenever he sees them together.
Mohan's son Amrith begins to blackmail his friends by telling them that he will not share anything with them if they keep in touch with Amrith.
One day Mohan admonishes the dhobi for naming his son Amrith. The poor dhobhi is at a loss.
Seeing his son's eagerness to learn, with the help of a kind neighbor who coaches Amrith and is instrumental in admitting the boy in the same school and class as Mohan's son.
There is a great misunderstanding because of the similar names but finally it is the dhobi's son who surpasses Mohan's son in studies and sports.
Mohan is consumed with anger and jealousy.
One day the dhobi's son is found drowned in the swimming pool.
Investigations reveal the hand of Mohan in the crime.
He is arrested and jailed.
It was his egocentric nature that ruined him and his family.

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Beth Lapin said...

These stories are rich with many facets. Thanks for sharing.