Monday, April 21, 2014

Shades of life now and then



Shades of life now and then. 
In olden days, there was less crime and criminals. People worked hard, so there were less diseases.
Housewives did all work like grinding. pounding and washing manually. So childbirths were normal and cesarean birth were unheard of.
Woman lead healthy and happy lives.

In the modern age, thanks to technology, everyone finds life easy, but with a spate of ill health due to various diseases brought about by Man's reckless lifestyle. 

Regarding the spate of rapes in the modern age, rapists and criminals are not born, but made. Parents, schools and society are to be blamed more than the criminals and rapists themselves. It brings to mind the saying in The Merchant of Venice - More sinned against than sinning.

Giving capital punishment or life imprisonment is not the solution.
Such people need counselling and given a new lease of life to see whether they improve especially juvenile offenders.

Inspite of the Nirbhaya incident, there is no improvement in rape cases.
People worship Shakthi, but some miscreants insult her in various abominable ways.

Children are asked to read newspapers to improve their knowledge, but I believe that newspapers today are not meant for children.
Technology is no doubt useful but has opened Pandora's Box.

The olden days without technology seems to have been much better and healthy.
Technology is a boon as well as bane in modern life.

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Awesome post!!

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well said

Nabanita said...

Sometimes I wonder if its technology or the people have become more audacious...But it's sad indeed

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