Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Incident in Chennai



I was travelling by bus to my school in Chennai with the corrected model answer papers of the class 10 students.
The year was 1990.
The bus was very crowded. I somehow managed to give the bag containing the papers to a passenger to be able to hang on to the bar to avoid falling down.
When I reached my stop, I got down and walked up to my school without realizing that I had not collected my bag from the passenger.
Reality struck me when the principal called all teachers with their corrected scripts.
I told the principal what had happened, but she was insistent that I should get back the papers before students started asking for them.
My husband was abroad, so I called up his friend asking for help to trace the lost bag.
He said that he will do the needful in the  morning as it was too late.
The next morning with a forlorn face I went to school expecting a showdown from the principal.
As I was entering my class room, a teacher came in swaying the bag in front of my face saying that a bus conductor had  deposited the bag at the reception.
I thanked god for the turn of events and was upset that I was not able to thank the conductor for his noble deed.
Then I came to know that a raffle ticket coupon in myy bag had saved me.
The address on it it had helped the conductor trace the school. He had made the driver stop the bus in front of the school and handed the bag at the reception. May his tribe increase.

Linking this to A-Z challenge. I for Incident in Chennai . 

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