Sunday, March 7, 2021

An encounter with a lizadr

 Anothe haarrowing experience.

This was in Delhi. I was frying papad when I chanced to see a big greyish black lizard on the window net.
I panicked and tried chasing it with splashes of water. The poor lizard darted here and there on the net warding of the jet spray.
Then not able to take it any longer, to my fright leapt straight at me. Luckily I dodged and it landed on the kitchen platform and scuttled away.
Good heavens. did not fall into the Kadai. Would have been a gruesome scene.

Another lizard incident

Believe it or not.
Once in Chennai after waking up in the morning, as usual I opened my hair to tie it into a neat coil.
The moment I opened my hair, a small lizard jumped out. It was having a cozy sleep inside my hair. Fortunately, it was not a big one.

Gale Gama

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