Sunday, March 7, 2021

 An Uncanny Experience

Fact or fiction, readers have to decide.
I am a staunch devotee of Edapally Ganapathy, a temple in Edapally in Cochin, Kerala.
Venu used to quip- I think Edapally Gnapathy has left its place and settled here.
This Ganapathy is believed to restore lost objects inside homes and they are truly restorned exactly from the place searched.
But this Ganapathy will not waste time in going out to search for lost items outside.
One has to keep 11 rupees in prayer and offer it to Ganpathy when they visit the temple the next time when object is restored.. Surely, Ganapathy will not mind any Ganapathy temple.
Seeing my frenzied behavior, one day my son said in Hindi, Ek din soond nikhlegha aur marega (one day a trunk will appear and hit you).
It was my wish to visit Kalahasthi.
As providence willed, Venu, Pravin and I left for Hyderabad by road to leave Pravin at his new workplace.
Venu said on the way we will be crossing Kalahasthi.
I was thrilled.
We reached Kalahasthi and saw a baby elephany blessing devotees going inside. Venu and Pravin too received their blessings.
I went and in great devotion bowed my head only to get a heavy whack on my head. My hair clip came off, the hair opened out and I found myself feeling dizzy.
I looked at my son, he simply asked me whether I paid any money to the elephant. I answered in the neagative. He said that it was the punishment for not paying any money.
It was indeed fortunate that it was not an adult elephant, but a calf.

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