Saturday, March 27, 2021

Service above self

  A born leader

setting a fine example
of service above self
what better than
taking up 111 projectst
to commommorate
the 111 years of
rotary existence
bringing together
members from
around the globe,
to serve the needy
striving to bring
smiles on faces
of the less fortunate
god's work done
on earth
by our own Eclub President,
Rtn Jayanthi. and team
spritely and full of life,
for her, there is no uneasiness even when
wearing a crown
her smile the mirror
of her soul
engulfing all
with a passion for serving the needy.
A Herculean task accomplished
through sheer will power
blessings galore
encouraging to serve more.
May there be more such humane beings
lighting up paths
to provide and nurture
the less priveledged
blessings bestowed from above and below.

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