Wednesday, November 22, 2023


I was involved in a near fatal accident when in Secuderabad in 1992. Since Venu had left for office, and Pravin to school, I felt bored and decided to visit an aunt in whose we were staying as tenants. When company provided a flat for Venu, we shifted. I know aunty from my Kolkatta days. Hailed a auto. When I am in any vehicle , I am oblivious of everything. I am just in my own world. Suddenly I found my mouth hitting the iron rod and my knee also hitting the bottom rod with full force. The hit was enough to break all teeth and fracture the knee. Everyone at home considers me weird. Maybe I am not a normal human being,, the reason was proved when there was no fracture or broken teeth. As I sat dazed, the auto driver rushed to me enquiring if I was ok. Then I noticed the front portion of a van inside the driver's seat. Luckily the driver was not harmed and no damage to auto. . Still with the throbbing pain on my knee I decided to visit my aunt. I did not find any problem with my teeth. When we reached the road leading to aunty's house, I found a herd of buffaloes blocking the road. The driver expressed his inability to go forward. I got down. The pain on my knee was really bad, but still I manaded to reach aunty's house. I told her what happened. She immediately got Narayana thailam, an Ayurvedic oil and started massaging my knee. The massage was a great relief and I did not have any problem after that. I feel my guardian angel is with me. For the number. of falls I have experienced, a normal person will not be in one piece. Once counted my falls and found they were 18 in total. Twice had slipped inside bathroom and hit my spine on the raised platform of two bathrooms, once in Kolkatta and once in Bangalore. Twice I escaped as doc said I had fallen on my side so no damage to spine. Had missed a step when returning home from a neighbour's first floor flat in Kolkatta. Kolkatta used to have load shedding at 6pm everyday. I wanted to reach home before the load shedding. As i put my foot down on the first step leading down, the power went off. I missed my next step and fell rolling down the stairs to the landing. I balanced with my right hand so as not to hit my head. Luckily no fracture only a bad pain on left wrist that was there for a week. Still keep falling but always my guardian angel protects me. Hope she does not get bored and leaves me. My surivival with good health is in her hands.

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