Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The good deed

Last year while travelling from Chennai to Trissur, it was sleeping time in train. So snice I had a middle berth, I made ready to sleep. Had seen a father and daughter get into the coach. The daugher was in a burkha, found they were Malayalee Muslims.As I got ready to climp to my berh , the daugher looked perplexed. The father asked for my ticket and said my ticket was for the next coach. I told sorry and proceed to go to the adjoining coach. To my surprise, I saw the father carrying both my luggage. When I objected , he said no problem with a little help. I found the berth, thanked him whole heartedly. Then realized, I had left my charger hanging in the previous coach. Was getting ready to go when I saw the Muslim father, coming back with my charger. Truly a positive minded person. In the couch as I was ready to get up the middle berth, I found it difficult to heave myself up the laddre. I was having a blanket with me. A couple, who was by the side seat, the lady noticed and immediately helped me with the blanket and my climb. When she found I was finding it difficult, . she requested a young girl on the lower berth to exchange her seat with me. She willing agreed saying Sure aunty. So it was a comfortable journey as I felt the presence of my gurdian angel in the form of the father and the kind ladies.

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