Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Midnight Fiasco

It was midnight when my sister in law called up frantically saying her husband was very sick.
My husband and I rushed immediately to her house a stones throw away. Entering the room, we found Venu's brother-in-law rolling all over the bed with a bout of shivering, high fever and stomach ache.
It was a Heculean task to calm him.
He was like someone possessed, sitting up and suddenly lying down on the bed. I was afraid that with the force he was throwing himself on the bed, his head may hit the head rest. I gathered all the pillows and  covered the head rest, but all at once he moved position and was at the foot of the bed. Immediately I gathered the pillows and arranged them at the foot of the bed.
An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital.
Various tests were taken and by morning 9 0' clock, Saturday, he was discharged.
He had  urinary problem and given some medicines.
After returning home, he said that he did not remember the midnight drama which had driven everyone up the wall.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back 4m a wonderful trip to Kolhapur, Bombay, Pune, Shirdi and Aurangabad.
Meena and Pravin went about following Highway on My Plate guide for the restaurants serving the typical food of the cities and it was fun.
Visited Elephanta Caves, Ajanta Ellora and fortunate to see 2 jyotirlingas, one at Trayambakeshwar in Aurangabad and one at Ellora- Grishneshwar.
A mini Taj Mahal called Biwi Ka Maqbara built by Auranzeb's son in memory of his mother is a must see. It looks exactly like The famous Taj Mahal at Agra.
Saw the famous Shanishwar Temple at Singanapur 60 kms from Shirdi. Had a wonderful darshan of two Mahalakshmi temples, one at Kolhapur and one in Bombay and The Siddhivinayak temple. Visited the famous Haji Ali Mosque near Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai. Had a grand darshan of Satya Saibaba at Shirdi.
The trip started from Bangalore in Pravs car. The stay in Mumbai at the TIFR(Tata Institute of Fundamantal Research, courtesy Meena's friend) was an unforgettable one. We are thankful to her for the wonderful experience. The sprawling campus with the greenery around and the well accomodated guest rooms were a far cry from the conjested Mumbai environment.
Birds of varied hues kept Pravs clicking away in full glee.
The sunset at Chowpati beach was awesome!!
I am thankful to my SIL for waking up early in the morning and preparing breakfast while in Pune, (the last lap of our journey). We left early morning back to B'lore.

An untoward incidentt panicked us. It was when the car Pravin was driving had a problem on the highway while going to Shirdi.
Luckily, a Tata Motors service center was close at hand.
We were informed that some parts had given way and the car would take at least a week to be repaired.

We were woebegone.
Hearing this Pravin's father who was in Kolkatta, immediately informed his Mumbai office and a car with driver was sent in one and a half hours time. 
We had a grand darshan of temples and all the places.
On the way back to Mumbai, there was a pleasant surprise in wait.
Our car that was to be repaired in a week's time was all ready and gleaming.
Thanks to an insurance agent who settled the insurance and the Tata Motors chief mechanic, the repair work was carried out fast.
Also, the gods we prayed to and the auspicious visit to Shirdi too were responsible for this miracle.
 All in all, an amazing trip to be remembered for a long time.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The feel of music

Music soothes the savage heart is a well known saying.
Music has no barriers. Music lovers love music whether the lyrics are understood by them or not.
A film without music may endear to people because of its strong storyline, but a movie with melodious music whether it is a hit or a flop, the viewers will certainly remember the songs with its enchanting music.
A housewife can do her monotonous work with renewed energy with  music on.
Tiny tots love the nursery rhymes on audio or video combined with melodious music.
People love going to classical music concerts especially in Chennai during the Margazhi masam when all auditoriams are fully booked for such concerts.
Technology has made life musical, whether it is a mobile or a computer.
There was an incident where a cow used to give more milk by listening to a particular song.
Music has not only won over human beings but also  animals.
It is difficult to come across people who do not like music.
Music is indeed manna from heaven.