Thursday, July 25, 2019

A tribute to my parents

My father lost his mother at a very young age. They were five brothers. My father was the third. Among the pandavas, he was Bheema , but my father was thin and lanky. He lost his sister when she was 10. The brothers were taken care of by their mother's sister. Everything went well till she got married.. The situation in the house made my father leave home and wash teacups in a hotel. The brothers too parted.ways. One fine day at the age of 17 my father left to join the army leaving behind the love of his life who later became his wife.
It was a love affair at a very young age. Not like the love in the modern age. My mother used to coyly take a look at my father from over the fence. Ankhon ankhon me love.
A few years later when my father was posted as hawildar, he returned home and married my mother.
He took my mother to Bareilly where he was posted.
My father's gentle and jovial nature made him a favorite with seniors and juniors. He was even invited for the lavish parties thrown by the higher authorities. My mother too used to go.
His friend in the army whom we fondly used to call Uncle Ted, a Britisher though we had never met him but heard about him and Dasammama another friend having much higher posts than my father from our mother. She told that Dasammama was very handsome as a young man and used to be seen walking with a lady who resembled Nargis. They formed a trio.
Father had brought Uncle Ted to his house in Chittur, Palakkad district in the 30s and had pointed out my mother to him when she peeped over the fence to look at them. My father told Uncle Ted that he was going to marry the peeping tom.
After having settled down in Bareilly, my mother was shocked to see that everyday fruits, vegetables and a leg of mutton was delivered at the doorstep through special order from the higher authorities. My mother was at a loss to know what do do with so much provision. My father though a Hawaldar enjoyed all the benefits the Majors and captains enjoyed.
It was because of his honest, gentle and charming nature that had everyone in the army grow fond of him and given the due respect.
My elder brother was born in our hometown, Chittur. 
After coming back to Bareilly, father was detected to have kidney stones and taken to Pune was surgery. My mother with a small baby raised such a hue and cry that an army truck had to rush with her to Pune.
Then my father's next posting was in Bangalore. 
After 2 years after my brother was born, I came into the world. I was a huge baby weighing more than 4 kg. It was a normal delivery. I was supposed to me a miracle baby because of my size. Relatives came from our hometown to see the wonder.
After an year and 5 months, my sister was born. It was an easy delivery as the baby fell into the bed pan. After 11 years my younger brother was born.
When I got my son who weighed 3.10 a relative who had seen me as a new born baby taunted me saying that my son was not even the size of my thigh.
My father left the army and moved to calcutta in the early 60s.
All of us had our education in Calcutta. 
My father did not keep good heath. When he was hospitalized, his friend Uncle Ted and Dasammama came to see him. 
I hugged Uncle Ted and he was joyous to see me and went on saying Beautiful Beautiful. I was overwhelmed.
That was their last meeting. His friends were God sent.
After my elder brother got married in May, my father breathed his last at the command hospital on June 18, 1981 after a month of the marriage. My mother after staying with all children came to stay with me from early 2000 till she died on 8th June, 2019.
Though it took a long time for the love birds to meet, I am sure they are cooing there up in Heaven.