Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hilarious incidents amidst tense moments

A hospital incident in a Chennai hospital

My husband was admitted in the CCU with severe breathing problem in a hospital.
His bed was close to the entrance door.
The next day when I went to see him, he was sitting up on bed but looked completely different. The sight gave me a scare and I asked in Malayalam 'Ventttan  edhu patti'. The person I addressed looked really dark and scary. I thought the medicines given had taken a toll on this present look.
The person addresed who was lying on bed leapt up and asked.' Enna ache'. I panicked and just then found my husband sitting up two beds way. He was shocked at what I said and said the person may be on ventilator. I said he was not having any ventilator or any such thing. A relative chucklingly said,' Good he did not get a hear attack'.

An incident at NIMS, Hyderabad.

Venu, my husband was detected with high BP in 1992 when we were in Hyderabad,
While in Chennai, his blood report showed AB+. Another blood test was taken in Secunderabad where we we were staying. The report showed B+. I was doutful which report was correct.
With my husband away on tour, I had to take the report (the AB  +  was already discarded) to be shown at NIMS to a very reputed doctor.
After having waited for some hours for my turn, I was ushered in to his chamber when my turn came. He checked and said Venu needed BP medication.
Before leaving I asked the doctor,' Doctor can a blood group change'?  My husband's blood group seems to have changed. The doctor gave a shocked look and said,' No it can never change'. I decided I had made a mistake and left the chamber.