Thursday, April 14, 2022

A harrowing but memorable Chennai Bangalore bus journey

 Reached Bangalore after spending some

wonderful time
Since no tickets were available, my nephew bought a KSRTS bus ticket.
He dropped me at the Koyambedu bus depot.
Told him to leave and not bother and I will find out the bus myself.
The journey in locating the bus took some time.
Thankfully had reached the depot more than one hour earlier.
It was a harrowing trudge with the heavy luggage.
Luckily one had wheels. But carrying the hand baggage was taking its toll on me.
Nevertheless, I continued my trudge without stopping anywhere, stopping just to enquire where the bus was.
Luckily found it and showed the ticket to the conductor.
A middle-aged man consented to see it and said it was the wrong bus and pointed to a bus standing close by.
Again painstakingly lifted my luggage to go to the bus.
Was shocked to see the middle-aged man carrying my box instead of dragging it.
Requested him I will manage, but he chivalrously carried it to my bus saying a little help is no problem.
Thanked him profusely.
Putluggagee in the luggage area and relaxed on the chair.
Felt like heaven with the AC on after the ordeal.
My legs felt as if they did not belong to me,'
Got a friendly co-passenger with two daughters who stayed very close to my Chennai house.
The bus which was to start at 3.5 pm started at 3.30.
I felt that a snail was faster.
Till it reached blg, it did not pick up speed.
It stopped at every hotel.
At the first hotel I got up to have dinner.
My legs seemed I was walking on somebody else's legs.
My co-passenger quipper in Tamil that we could have reacher Blg on foot faster.
The conductor seemed to have had opium.
never left the co-driver's seat except to check tickets.
He also did not announce the stops as most conductors did.
The bus stopped at every restaurant.
Had told the conductor I wanted to get down at Electronic City immediately after getting in and also after crossing Hosur.
Since he did not announce, I chanced to call my son when the bus reached Silk Board.
He asked me in surprise what I was doing in silk board.
I quipped, nothing but the bus stopped here.
He said you should have got down In Electronic City.
I panicked and asked the conductor.
He nonchalantly said Electronic city is already crossed.
Before all this, I made sure to remove my gold chain bangles and rings. Did not want to attract thugs.
Got down at Silk Board and called up Pravin.
The bus was about to start when I remembered the luggage.
The moron conductor did not even ask if any luggage was there to collect.
Pravin asked for the correct point.
I was at a loss how to explain when a kind auto driver took my phone and gave the proper direction.
Within no time Pravin arrived.
Just imagined chasing after the bus to collect luggage and also what would have happened if I had not called Pravin from Silk Board.
I would have been the lone passenger getting down at the last stop and not knowing what to do at that unholy hour.
Really believe in miracles.
Lodged a complaint at KSRTC.
The message was they will look into my grievance.