Cleanliness is Godliness,
Cleanliness should start from home. It gives peace to mind to see clean surroundings.
The dumping of waste from slaughter houses, hospital and homes near residential houses are a sore to the eyes of everyone passing those areass.
Not only it gives out stench, it is also harmful to health. It calls for stray dogs who sometimes turn ferocious and bite people especially children.
This had happened in Bengaluru in an area I stayed. A small boy was mauled by a wild pack and killed.Even now in some areas, garbage is left uncollected.
What is the corporation doing?
In spite of the slogan 'Swatch India' what has become to the swatchness. All hype and no action.
Actors are made to clean roads for publicity.
There is Mann Ki Baat in all of us.
Public toilets in most cities have been left abandoned or under lock and key.
Why is the government not acting?
How will India develop if there is diseases and death because of Government apathy?
Callousness is on the rise, humans don't treat each other as humans.
Environment is getting polluted and destroyed.
The recent case of pollution in Delhi has proved this.
Temples are supposed to be kept clean but it is not the case.
Is it because God is just a mute spectator?
God forbid me, but a visit to Sabarimala changed my view of the temple surroundings.
There were pigs loitering around. We failed to get the booked room and was given a room which had a big hall with two bathrooms. No beds.
We had to spread bedsheets on the floor in order to sleep.
The bathrooms were disgusting
Rain had made the whole area muddy and dirty.
On our way to Sabarimala, I could see used aluminium plates in a corner and strewn all over.
What had happened to the garbage bins?.
Women over 50 are allowed but it is a menstruating period for most ladies. How can they visit the shrine when the so called menstruating ladies are not allowed.
Has Lord Ayyappa appeared in someone's dream and said this?
I think the recent Kerala rains and the havoc created may be God's fury.
People visit temples but the moment weather changes they are cocooned inside their houses. Where is devotion?
People stand in serpentine ques to gossip and complain.
People visit temples just for the sake of it except for some true devotees.
Now coming to swatchness.
In most cities, toilets are abandoned or under lock and key.
I remember Calcutta, now Kolkatta, a true city of joy and cleanliness.
Every morning from my window I could see the road being washed with huge hoses.
Recently a relative visited Kolkatta and was really concerned about the city of joy.
The past glory was not there.
The complex we lived in was full of huts all around.
Hand pulled rickshaws were still there.
What has technology done?
I has always thought that if all pitied the poor rickshaw pullers and avoided going on it, then what will happen to the rickshawpullers' livelihood?
Happy to read news bout many organizations, schools and colleges taking up pledge to make India swatch.
Plants being gifter
The ban on plastic and plastic garbage covers is a good initiative.
Biodegradable garbage covers used in foreign countries is now available in Indian markets, a good move..
Had seen the making of plastic covers in a paper few years back by the poor. It was disgusting.
Another scene That really pains me are the plight of the sewage cleaners.
Can't they be given proper safety uniforms or with technology coming in, can't a machine be made to pump up the sewage waste instead of putting workers life at risk?
In today's paper, there was a news about a 23 year old sewage worker who was consistently complaining of pain in his genitals.
He was taken to hospital where a doctor examined him and said he needed a minor surgery to remove an alien object inside his genitals.
The doctor noticed the tail of a leech and had it pulled out. It was 7 cm long.
The patient was so relieved that he hugged the doctor. This happened in Trivandrum, God's own country. All Governments, please act.
Getting things cleaned also puts human lives at risk.
My dream is to see our country being praised for its cleanliness.
My visit to Singapore in 2012 made me realize the state of Indian public toilets .
At an airport in India, I had seen stool on the commode seat.
There are sanitary napkins strewn all over even on garbage and cows munching on it. How can the milk bought be safe to drink?
Singapore public toilets are kept spic and span like 5 star hotels.
This is my Mann Ki Bath.
Hope the situation regarding cleanliness is not just a hue and cry and the people who keep our toilets from overflowing are treated as humans.
Above all, true cleanliness should be in ones mind.
If mind is clean cleanliness will automatically follow.
Hope PM Modi's Swatch Bharath takes wings and flies high like an eagle.
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Launched the ambitious 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' (Clean India Mission) 2nd October 2014The 'Abhiyan' was launched on the ocassion of Mahatama Gandhi's 145th birth anniversary
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