Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Boy

Child is father of the man,
Here is a child, bent with weight.
A bag slung on the back with the books of knowledge,
Treading a weary path, 
Dreams and hopes for a better morrow.
Wish he grows up to be
A responsible citizen,
Imbibed with values to bring a change
To the chaos around,
Making the world a treasure house
Of peace and happiness.

The Boy: Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 27 November 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Shades of life now and then

More sinned against than sinning is a Shakespearean saying in The Merchant of Venice.
Rapists and criminals are not born, but made. Parents, schools and society are to be blamed more than the criminals and rapists themselves.
Giving capital punishment or life imprisonment is not the solution.
Such people need counselling and given a new lease of life to see whether they improve especially juvenile offenders.
Inspite of the Nirbhaya incident, there is no improvement in rape cases.
People worship Shakthi, but some miscreants insult her in various abominable ways.
Children are asked to read newspapers to improve their knowledge, but I believe that newspapers today are not meant for children.
Technology is no doubt useful but has opened Pandora's Box.
The olden days without technology seems to have been much better and healthy.
Technology is a boon as well as bane in modern life.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Pleasant Shock

My parent's house was right opposite a teachers' training college in Kolkatta.
One fine day when I visited them, my father handed me a BEd form.
The form was duly filled and along with my father I  went to the
college opposite which was crowed with expectant students.
I had to sit for a test. Since I was a student of logic, I opted for
logic and Hindi other than English.
As I was out of touch with logic for a long time, I found it quite difficult.
Somehow, I finished the 3 hour test in half an hour, not knowing what
to write and pushed off from the exam venue.
Much to my amazement I was one among the 300 students selected.
I am really grateful to my father for having initiated me into a noble


Saturday, November 9, 2013

A poem based on Heminway quotes

             The Runaway Bride
She went on a honeymoon with a person she did not love;
She ran away the next day when the sun was rising;
The place she went to was was strange and mysterious;
Lecturers hounded her at sunrise, and evil spirits when dark;
Her husband awaited, he loved her intently;
Being a solder, he had fought for his country;
Now he fought within himself whether or not;
To get his runaway bride back;
He decided to search,
And left no stone unturned;
Love conquers all, and his unwavering love,
Finally found her, in a remote area;
Bedraggled and woebegone;
Bemoaning her fate;
Wishing herself to have been;
More sensible;
Seeing the man she did not love;
In front of her;
Tall and handsome 
She cursed herself;
For having been blind and running away,
From someone so loving and dear;
When he took her into his arms;
Tears of joy welled in her eyes;
She seeked forgiveness,
Folly forgiven, they walk away into the sunset,
Sure about the rising sun in the morrow;
For a bright and beautiful future together. 
Believe in love!
Love conguers all and is god's gift to mankind

A poem for  Hemingway This Wednesday  writetribe.com

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Hardworking Ants

Ants are very disciplined and always go in a line unless disturbed.
They work hard to stock food for a rainy day. Indeed very intelligent! How I wish every human keeps away some part of his earnings away, so that he need not beg or take loans..
Inspite of being hardworking, the poor ants are always at the mercy of the human beings.
I am remided of the story- The ant and the grasshopper.
All the hardwork ultimately is of no use because ants  are always kept at bay through cruel methods. What a waste of discipline and hardwork!

100 words on Saturday

An entry for Saturday 100 words        http://writetribe.com     

Believe it or not!

This incident took place in the early 60s. I used to spend my vacation in a small town belonging to Palakkad district in Kerala.I was staying in my father's ancestral home. My aunts used to go to the river for bathing. One day I went with my aunts, but sat on the riverbank as I was not very keen to bathe in full view of everyone.
As I sat there, admiring the thick green vegetation, I chanced to see a snake, a foot long, appear suddenly and disappearing into a hole.
I don't know what prompted me to go behind the poor thing and before it could get into the hole, I stamped on its tail that was the only part visible. It wriggled and disappeared.
It would have sent an SOS to its species because within moments, the whole riverbank was filled with its kith and kin. What unity! Humans ignore a wounded person on the street and here were the reptiles showing brotherhood. I have seen such things with birds especially crows. I stood rooted with fright.
The snakes were getting to be too many. Seeing this, my frightened aunt  told me to leave the place immediately.  
I ran as fast as I could thinking the snakes would me, till I reached home.
Later I heard that Nagaraga was pacified with milk, some pooja etc. because I was not haunted by any Nagin.
But I am really very sorry even now for my ignorant action. Forgive me Lord Najaraja!!!