Monday, October 30, 2023

The Good Samaritan

The Samaritan My Bobworld on my mob just conked off one fine day. My incessent trying, proved to be of no use. Try try try again is the mantra, but here the mantra proved wrong. Since I used to depend on my mob for my bank affairs, I got cold feet as I was going to travel to Kerala and wanted my Bob World to be activated. Called my usual autu guy. I went to my branch. It was a very busy day. I waited for sometime and then approached a staff. She asked to activate and reactivate my account in the ATM outside. Saw an ATM under repair and tried in the other. I failed in my mission, and decided to approach another staff. I waited as he was busy talking to a customer. I went to him with my problem. He made many attempts and then declared, madam I am an insurance guy so not much aware of all these. I stood shocked. How in hell did he solve his problem if something like this happened to him? Luckily another staff came and said ATM was under repair and the machine I tried was not an ATM. She told me to go to the other branch a furlong away. Went there and asked a staff at the counter. Don't know whether she had got up from the wrong side of the bed because she seemed grumpy waving me off saying RBI has blocked all Bob World IDs and nothing can be done without RBI order. Approached another staff and she seemed very helpful. With the details she gave me I tried again but did not succeed. Then decided to attempt opening BobNetworking. I was not sure of the customer id. Since my son knew it, I called up and in the din was not able to make out what he was saaying properly. I told him to give me in Whatsapp message. As I got up the pen I was using fell of and rolled away, so did some coins from my pouch bag. A lady sitting close to me immediately got my picked up a coin near by and my pen and went to the next counter to pick up another coin. Truly a very helpful lady. I thanked her wholeheartedly. Then something promted me to approach the manager. He was busy with a few staff. I waited and seeing him free walked into his room. A very young person. I went to him and told him my problem. He asked me to sit and went through all procedure and said my Bobworld login is unlocked. I told him a staff has said all IDs blocked. He smiled and said only for new users. I sat before him trying myself and again I was not able to. He very patiently did it for me a few times changing login id and transaction id. Hats off to his patience. I then told him about my BOB networking. He went through and and and created a sign on id and trans id. Indeed a true Samaritan. My mission completed, I thanked him with glee writ all over my face, blessed him and took my leave. My belief in God and miracles will never cease.