Monday, June 16, 2014

Witty moments

I have a friend whose husband is witty to the core.
This friend who I know for the past 37 years and her husband, friends with my husband for more than 54 years cracks jokes with a straight face. Wonder how he can hold back laughter with the jokes he cracks.

The Jokes:
One day it so happened that a soft toy, a cute monkey with a long tail which my husband got from Dubai stopped functioning. When it was keyed up, it used to roll up its tail and make small cute sounds.
I was very upset and waited for a chance to have one more like that. Since my friend's husband was a marine engineer and went to a lot of countries, I requested him to get me a similar toy.
With a straight face he said, "Give me 500 rupees and I will behave like that monkey". His saying made everyone burst out laughing.
Till today, no one has found that toy in any shop.

Once I read in the paper about a gadget that attracted dust and made the house dust free.
When I told my friend about it, her husband immediately said that if anyone applied oil and sat in a corner, he can be a dust buster.

My friend wanted to buy a diamond necklace. Her husband pointed out that he was always sailing and  their daughter was away in the US. Some robbers may enter the house when she was alone and make off with the diamond necklace, so it was best she did not buy any diamond. But he did buy her a diamond necklace after all the statements.

Cups and Saucers

This rib-tickling incident took place in Chennai at an exhibition venue.
My husband and I went to many stalls having exotic Bone China and ceramic crockery.
Since rates were exorbitant and we did nor buy anything, I was quite upset.
Coming outside, I chanced to see beautiful cups placed in an orderly manner and wanted to check on them.
My husband pleaded with me not to do so and tried his best from making me go there.
Finally, he left my hand and told me to do whatever I wanted to do.
I walked up to the neatly stalked crockery stall and picked up a cup.
My husband who had followed me asked me to put it down and told me to read what was written above.
The writing made me squirm. It was written- Refreshment Stall.
Should have followed the saying "Look before you leap".