Thursday, October 22, 2015

Festivals delight mind and body

Festivals awaited
with baited breath
a time for sculptors
to showcase their talents
images of ganeshas line the shops
during Ganesh Chaturthi,
the lord's favorite sweet, modaks
made painstakingly by housewives
pujas preformed in homes and temples
invoking god's blessings
for prosperity
Navarathri down south
brings with it
kolu display in many homes
different sundals everyday
strangers become friends
sweets and savouries stocked in shops
housewives churning out delicacies
children and old decked in splendor
the sound of dolaks
at Durga pooja pandals
aroma of cutlets
luchi, alu dum and cholar dal,
mouthwatering rosogollas and gulab gamuns
there is unity in diversity
Vijayayadashami, Dasshera, the culmination
of the festival
Goddess Duga slaying Mahisasura
effigy of Ravana being burnt
good triumphs over evil
hope like homes being scrubbed clean
human minds too are clean
and bring harmony to a chaotic world.

Friday, October 9, 2015



When a man is born with disability
god gives him some talent
by which he rises to fame
a great blow for the abled
who shy work and wants to live
upon others money
killing, looting and kidnapping
to enjoy at others expense
bringing tears and wails
from them who
lose their loved ones
at the hands of cruelty
When god had blessed them
with a strong body
why mock Him
by being ruthless and becoming
pray that they learn to live
life like the less fortunate
who in spite of their disability
is thankful to god
for their talent
that allows them to live in dignity.