Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another egg story

This took place when I was in Delhi. I bought some eggs without noticing whether the grocer was putting good eggs or not. After reaching home while taking out the eggs, I noticed a very shapeless one. Since the store was a stone's throw away, I went back to exchange the egg for a better one. The grocer turned out to be a rude fellow and taunted me saying that it was the hen's fault, not his. I was so irked by his behavior that I threatened him that I would come back again with my husband. He laughed it away thinking no man in his senses would come for a fight for an egg. I was aware that the egg did not cost the price of a diamond, but I wanted to teach the man a lesson. As soon as my husband returned from office, without waiting to bother about anything, I pulled my very surprised husband along with me to the store. The grocer was so surprised at the turn of events that without waiting to be questioned immediately gave a hearty welcome to my husband and even exchanged the egg for a fresh one. A real jolt to women power!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Absent minded professor

It was a few weeks back that my husband and I did some provision shopping at a store. I saw my husband buying a box of eggs and coolly forgot about it.
Next day, I told my mother to prepare egg curry.
She searched for the eggs inside the fridge but did not get any.
Two days back while putting my SIL luggage in the dickey, I found a box of eggs and asked the driver whether he had bought them. He answered in the negative. It was then it struck me that those were the missing eggs that we had forgotten to collect from the dickey. Good thing there were no chicks imprisoned.