Friday, February 21, 2020

Evolution of Man

The Evolution Of man
It is an age old factor that Man evolved from the apes.
It is also believed that Man, whom God named Adam, was created by Him because He himself felt alone.
There was peace in Heaven. Man was not filled with the Seven Deadly Sins and lead a carefree life.
Then God decided to create a Woman to do away with Man's loneliness.
God created a woman out of Adam's ribs and He named her Eve.
Eve and Adam spent their time peacefully and happily in Heaven.
Then Satan entered. He did not want any happy people in Heaven.
He lured Eve into eating the forbidden apple. Both Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit.
They realized their nakedness and was ashamed to be in front of God.
They ran away from his presence.
God banished Adam and Eve from the garden as punishment for defying his command.
Then started the gory behavior of Man.
He was engulfed with all the seven Deadly Sins which continue even now.
There are people who don't practice as they preach..
Ego is destroying them.
People go to temples, donate in lakhs into hundis but shoo off beggars.
They spend huge amounts on precious items, but haggle with poor vendors. As the saying goes- Penny wise, pound foolish.
I believe that if one has accumulated wealth in their banks, use it for some humanitarian purpose.
There are starving children and elderly. Use the money to feed them. Don't just leave it to their Karma. You will have good karma.
Full credit to organizations and humanitarian industrialists who go out of their way to serve the needy.
If more wealthy people come forward to help the needy whether be it for medical purpose, education, daughters' weddings, building shelters, earth will be a happy place.
Also, the greed of Man is destroying nature.
Mother Earth is showering Her fury to teach Man a lesson.In spite of it, Man remains unruffled.
Man's EGO and stubbornness to grasp good advices is creating havoc.
EGO fully explained Edging God Out.
Coming out of one's ego gives one inner peace and there will be world peace..