Thursday, October 22, 2015

Festivals delight mind and body

Festivals awaited
with baited breath
a time for sculptors
to showcase their talents
images of ganeshas line the shops
during Ganesh Chaturthi,
the lord's favorite sweet, modaks
made painstakingly by housewives
pujas preformed in homes and temples
invoking god's blessings
for prosperity
Navarathri down south
brings with it
kolu display in many homes
different sundals everyday
strangers become friends
sweets and savouries stocked in shops
housewives churning out delicacies
children and old decked in splendor
the sound of dolaks
at Durga pooja pandals
aroma of cutlets
luchi, alu dum and cholar dal,
mouthwatering rosogollas and gulab gamuns
there is unity in diversity
Vijayayadashami, Dasshera, the culmination
of the festival
Goddess Duga slaying Mahisasura
effigy of Ravana being burnt
good triumphs over evil
hope like homes being scrubbed clean
human minds too are clean
and bring harmony to a chaotic world.

Friday, October 9, 2015



When a man is born with disability
god gives him some talent
by which he rises to fame
a great blow for the abled
who shy work and wants to live
upon others money
killing, looting and kidnapping
to enjoy at others expense
bringing tears and wails
from them who
lose their loved ones
at the hands of cruelty
When god had blessed them
with a strong body
why mock Him
by being ruthless and becoming
pray that they learn to live
life like the less fortunate
who in spite of their disability
is thankful to god
for their talent
that allows them to live in dignity.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Tribute


A tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
A precious life lost
great loss to the world
a humble man who
held a prominent post
was a beacon of light
to the youngsters
inspiring them with words
of wisdom
an icon for the youth
at an age when one
ceases to live
his indomitable spirit
eager for imparting knowledge
at institutions big and small
always smiling and encouraging
to make their dreams come true
a demigod he proved to all
when he was no more
a blessed death
the way he hoped to die
to die while teaching
and the almighty listened
and fulfilled his wishes
a great soul unparalleled.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Out from womb
eyes staring in wonder
at faces filled with happiness
at the tiny bundle of joy
parents watch each stage of growth
panic stricken if the baby cries non stop
going out of their way to nurture it
praying for its long life and good health
the same child when parents grow old
thinks them a burden
sends them to an old age home
saying they did their duty
he wants to live his life his way
not realizing that he too will grow old
and will be paid back in the same coin.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A hospital Scene

Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day! #MyFirstExpert

My first meeting with my mother would have been at the time of my birth. Being an overweight baby, by mother had a normal delivery, thanks to all her vigorous household tasks which she did single handedly.
Most modern age expectant mothers find the easy way out through the C-section.
Working mother's have to leave their babies under the care of governesses.
Some turn out to be wonderful caretakers while others take care of the babies for their own selfish motives.
I am lucky to have been nurtured by my mother, a homemaker and not any maid.
I remember my father falling sick, no income and the way my mother made ends meets without my siblings and my knowledge of the hardship faced
At a Rotary function
.                                                    Celebrating mother's 88th B'day.

We never felt there was need for anything. We lived a comfortable life as we always did.
I remember my mother pawning all her gold to meet the hospital expenses when my father was hospitalized .
My parents got my elder brother married into a poor family meeting all the expense themselves.
I remember my mother taking care of her elder brother who had lost his job by taking care of his expenses. I am lucky to have a father who too was noble hearted.
My mother left no stone unturned to bring up her children well.
During her young age, she was a philanthropist helping the lesser priveledged (her cousins) providng some with food and some with money that she used to take without her elder sister's knowledge.
She was a  good, a wonderful mother and a respected member in my father's family.
When I fell sick, my mother aged 68 at that time, came over to Delhi from B'lore immediately to take care of me. I will ever remain grateful for the service she rendered when I lay on bed after a surgery.
Now, going to complete 89 year, she still does the cooking and feels upset if ever I get a bruise or cut a finger and chides me as if I am a small girl. I am also a seniour citizen and feel blessed to have my mother with me when I celebrated my 60th birthday in 2014.
I had the honor to be served the Sadhya that she cooked on that auspicious day.
Belonging to a family of Auyurvedic doctors, even now she makes her own medicine when she feels any discomfort. My husband is afraid to tell her of any discomfort as she is up and about making an ayurvedic concoction which my husband has to drink puckering up his face. Really a monderful mother and a mother in law too.
I feel truly blessed to have her with me, protecting me like a mother hen. On my turn, my husband and I are doing our duty, taking care of her and not leaving her alone whenever we go out station. Either one of us is at home to baby sit her and if both of us have to go, my husband makes sure that someone is there at home.
She is a proud great grandmother today as my son recently became a father.
 I pray to god to give her strength and peace of mind.
                                           My 60th Birthday Sadhya being served by mother Mother's Day!#My FirstExpert

Mother's Day poem

Mother's Day comes
children remember
a mother's worth
once a year
her tears and pains
in bringing them up
some considers it
her duty
siblings fight
when mother gets sick
who will pay the hospital dues
oblivious to the fact
that the mother had lain awake
taking care of her child
when lying sick in bed
only aim, her child should get well
ready to sell all to eke out
the money when money
runs out with all
the hospital expenses
brings to mind
the story of a wayward son
who for his wife's sake,
takes the heart from the mother's body,
and while running to his wife
slips and falls,
a voice is heard,'Son are you OK,
the son looks around and sees,
the voice coming from the heart
he shudders and with remorse
curses himself for his wickedness
and remembers his mother
with love that he did not show
when she was alive.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A love story

He woed
she shied
love blossomed
they got united
a bed of roses all the way
then it was thorns
daily bickerings and rantings
too many dark secrets to be told
boy panicked
girl adamant
next morn
girl lay on bed
with injury marks
and poison in body
sleeping peacefully
a sleep from which the sleeping beauty
could ever be awakened by any prince

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An era now and then


   A flurry of red at stations
carrying heavy luggage
the balanced gait
owners rushing behind
lest they lose sight
those were the days
porters chased trains
about to stop
carrying luggage for
their livelihood
then came the wheels
on suitcases
porters sit forlorn on
station benches
awaiting  a signal from a passenger
for  help
which is very rare
the influx of wheeled suitcases and bags
have really dimmed the flurry of the red
a common sight at stations
an  era now and then