Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An era now and then


   A flurry of red at stations
carrying heavy luggage
the balanced gait
owners rushing behind
lest they lose sight
those were the days
porters chased trains
about to stop
carrying luggage for
their livelihood
then came the wheels
on suitcases
porters sit forlorn on
station benches
awaiting  a signal from a passenger
for  help
which is very rare
the influx of wheeled suitcases and bags
have really dimmed the flurry of the red
a common sight at stations
an  era now and then


Unknown said...

Yes, just like all other areas of life, as the world progresses, life progresses, like any of us porters too have to adapt, evolve, upgrade and move alongside all of us in this journey called LIFE.

Unknown said...

Yes, rightly said. As the world progresses, life progresses, the porter has to adapt, evolve, upgrade just like any of us and move alongside this journey called LIFE.