Friday, February 5, 2021

Grandson's pranks

 Today's incident.

Was fast asleep when I was woken up by the screeching sound of the door opening.
Nona walked in and snuggled up to me. Told him to go back to sleep as there was no school or online class.
He pulled my blanked and coverd himself and was soon fast asleep.
I remembered some work in the kitchen and went to complete it.
On coming back found Nona sleeping on the side of the bed and no space for me and my blanket too covering him. Tried sleeping but felt cold, so put off the fan. I tried pushing him a little bit to create space for me to lie down but was unsuccessful. Lay down on whatever space was there hoping against hope not to topple down. Had just caught up some sleep when I was jostled by Nona's scream. I jumped in fright and literally fell off my bed.
But the little fellow was fast asleep unaware of anything.
When he was asked why he screamed, he said he was dreaming of spiders and some crawling on him. I told him his dream made me fall off the bed and he went on laughing imagining that scene.