Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Morning life in B'lore

The daily morning activities I notice from my son's home in B'lore while standing on the balcony is LIFE at the early hours. I see parents waiting with children for the school buses, I see employees waiting for the staff vans, older students rushing past, ladies in nighties waiting with children or going to the shop across the street to buy household things. Across the street is a creche/daycare center where parent/parents are taking the submissive tiny tots to the classroom.
Looking down I can see a catering barrow doling out hot idlies and, dosas for bachelors surrounding the barrow and a few office goers ready to go to office.
Traffic is moving at a rapid pace. There is a vegetable seller shouting full throat to attract customers. There is the milk van delivering milk to the shops around and a few customers coming to buy. Often I go to the shop to buy household provisions as soon as I wake up and have my morning tea. Seeing ladies walking to and fro in their nighties, I too don't take the trouble of changing my nightie while going to the shop but make sure my nightie is decent enough. Since I don't see any surprised looks from people, I feel OK.
Temples too are nearby. There is a Saibaba Temple alongside a Devi Temple where I go on Thursdays whenever I feel, not always. I visit the Shani Temple on Saturdays (not all Saturdays). I go when I get the urge. As this temple is walking distance, it is convenient. All in all, enjoyable and no time to feel bored.

Also, the vanilla fragrance of freshly baked cakes wafting from a bakery kitchen above the provision store across the street is wonderful. I can see through the bakery kitchen window the team of bakers working busily doling out delicious cakes.
The bakery as its name Magic Oven is indeed magical catering to the needs of customers, also taking orders for online cake designs that are made to perfection.
There is a shop nearby that takes me to my days in Kolkatta. The shop sells authentic shingaras, (samosas) as also the famed Bengal sweets, and I was surprised to see parwal sweets, a dessert served at my wedding 37 years back, which I was trying to find in many sweetmeat shops.
There are the puchka sellers (pani puri)  at every corner.
Life is a pleasure in B'lore.