Tuesday, August 28, 2018

An Ode to Kerala Disaster

the rain Gods thundered
water, water everywhere
not a drop to drink
houses, humans, living and non- living things
at Lord Varuna's mercy.
For Him all equal,
rich and poor facing the same fate
dams opened like Pandora's Box
bringing with it 
more horror,
landslides flattening homes and lives
houses for house warming
built with sweat and blood 
under water,
marriages thought to be
made in heaven,
under heaven's mercy,
gold and cash washed away
if life remains
disaster can be overcome
a lesson taught
humanity still exists,
no cast, no creed
unity in diversity
love of brethrens
turning into steps
to help the stranded get
into boats
cash and goods
collected to help
the helpless
is it natural calamity
or man's mistake 
for deforestation galore
Mother earth's patience challenged
surely with
tears in her eyes
she did what she did,
sacrificing her children
to teach the corrupts a lesson
wish it will bear fruit
and the glory returns soon
and Kerala once gain,
bounces back to the saying
God's Own Country