Thursday, March 7, 2024

The Great Train Adventure

My Trissur adventure. Great adventure again, my belief in God strengthened. Went to my friend Remani's house on way to station to board the Bangalore express. After having a lovely lunch and tea later, she called auto to drop me at the station. She assured me that she and the driver will help with the luggage if no porter around. luckily a porter was soon located. so Remani left. the porter told me to take the stairs as he will be crossing over to platform from the track. I came down and saw my luggage neatly piled on the luggage cart but no porter around. An elderly gentleman seeing me uneasy said not to worry and that he will come on time. I got up and began pacing up and down. Soon a lady came and sat beside me. We got chatting. Luggage too was more. My 3 months stay in Guruvayoor clothes plus things purchased and given by my relative. She lessened my tension saying her brothers in law will help if porter did not come. Luckily she too was travelling by the same AC coach. The train arrival was announced.I saw the train chugging into the station. My heart was beating fast. Then I saw the porter rushing, picked up my luggage and neatly placed them under the seat. He left. The TT came checked my ticket and announced that I was sitting in the wrong coach as my coach was B4 and I was in B3. I Was at a loss when the lady I met at the station told me to go to my coach and she will take care of my luggage. A couple, a witty Muslim husband with his charming Hndu wife assured me that my luggage will be safe. He would have helped to carry my luggage but his backache was bad. I asked if my luggage will be a problem. He told me no problem and if any precious. items inside. I told him lot of clothes that he can take. All were laughing. There was a charming young girl who said she too will be getting down at the last stn I was getting down. Truly, felt wonderful. The lady whom I befriended asked the girl to take my no. to contact. Along with a heavy bag kept on the berth I left for my coach. Realised I had forgotten my water bottle, so went to collect. As I came back an elderly man was looking for me. When he saw me he pointed to a mobile lying on the seat. I was shocked when I saw that it was mine. Now the problem was the direction. I had lost track of where B3 was. So kept asking all Tom, Dick and Harry where B3 was. Then asked a chai wala who brough this ware at 5 .30 am. Bought a cup and sat wondering if I should call Sheen , the girl whose no. was with me. The train was supposed to reach at 6.40 am. I thought I should not trouble Sheen so early. Did not want to carry my bag not knowing which direction to go. But when lights were on for passangers to get down at 5.30 am, I walked both direction looking under berths for my luggage. In my anxiety I thought my luggage was not anywhere. But a good morning walk I had. When it was 6.15, I called Sheen and she assured me that luggage was safe. I tried my luck and went to the direction shown and was very happy to see Sheen waiting to use the restroom. She had not seen me. Now sure about direction. I picked up my bag and proceeded to B3. Sheen saw me and smiled saying she will come soon. When I approached the berth I found my luggage all taken out from under the berth and placed in a way that it was easy for me to carry. Sheen and the husband and wife had gone out of their way to see that I did not have any problem. Their station came and as they were getting down. I thanked them and blessed them from the bottom of my heart. Sheen told me she will place my luggage near the door. I told her not to worry and leave. I was hoping against hope to get a porter. When stn came Sheet placed my box on the platform and was going to take the other box when a hand appeared and placed my luggage down. I looked at Sheen in surprise. She too looked surprised. I found my voice and asked him if he was a porter. He nodded his head. Sheen left. The porter placed two suitcases on his head and some bagss on this shoulder and began walking fast. I found it difficult to catch up with him. He climed up the stairs also in speed. I could locate him as the boxes could be seen. Soon we reached down. To my glee a cab driver asked me if I needed a cab. The cab driver and porter placed my luggage in the dicky. It was sheer pleasure to be safe in the car and to cool my heels. Soon we reached home. The driver drove into the driveway, parked the cab near the lift. He put down my luggage. Then proceeded to carry them and place near lift. I told him to leave but he waited for lift, placed my luggage inside and left. It is because of such positive minded people that the world survives.