Thursday, October 17, 2019

Adventure of an HDFC Life policy amount

After shifting to BLG after the demise of Venu, I chanced upon a policy statement that had been playing hide aand seek with me from 2011 when it was taken by Venu. I was not aware of the investment.
I told Beena, Meena's cousin who worked for HDFC LIFE, Guruvayoor.
She said it was difficult but she will try her level best.
Never knew she was working hard on it. I had given up hope when one fine day this yeaar shee called up and told me my policy folded hs been sent to my BLG address. It was a jolt from the blue. She whatsapped me regarding the necessary items to be taken for proof along with a bank statement for 3 months. There was no statement. But I was positive about getting it. I sent an email to the bank and immediately I got the statement.
I was instructed to go to any close by branch in Bengaluru.
I approached the MG Road branch. There a new system was being installed, so I was told it may take time. Luckily Beena called and said she would do the needful in the branch she had worked previously, Trissur Branch as I was to visit Guruvayoor that week.
Beena had made all arrangements at the branch and had told a colleague to take care of my requirements. Beena's mom who was insistent that I should not hold back longer sent me the next day with Aparna Beena's teenged daughter to the Trissur branch.
We were welcomed warmly by Beena's colleague who finalized everything. Hats off to him for his down to earth behavior, He assured me that my policy amount would be credited to my account.
Unfortunately, there was no policy cheque credited to my account. The given statement was of a different account number and check had bounced.
Beena told me not to be tensed and again set about working. She told me to approach any bank close to my home.
I really had an adventure, first in an ola cab that dropped me where told.. Getting down I thought I was in no man's land.
I walked and walked hailing autos. Finally, a friendly auto driver decided to help me out. We went around and around all over BTM a huge area. Must have travelled for more than a hour and half. But I had the hope I will reach my destination soon. Friendly shopkeepers and pedestrians gave directions. But it was a wild goose chase. Two men even googled to find out the direction. So the driver followed the direction given. We reached a dead end. The driver told me my venue was inside the gate shown. It turned out to be a residential area.
As the autu turned to leave, I saw an elderly gentleman going towards the society and asked him. He politely answered in the negative and immediately said he knew the place and directed the auto driver. Seeing him and the ash tilak on his forehead I felt he was God sent. He asked me iwhereI hailed from. I told him from Kerala, palakkad. He gave a wide smile and said OH! so you are from my place. But it turned out to be the office for HDFC Home Loan.
Again the adventure started. The driver told me were were reaching the end of BTM Layout and entering Silk Board.
A shopkeeper again directed us. To my surprise we had come to Silk Board and HDFC LiFE was just close to it. The branch was BTM Layout branch.
I was really thankful to the friendly driver. He asked me for only 200 rupees.
I entered the office on the 3rd floor and waited as a stff was busty with a customer. Seeing me waiting another staff signalled me to come over.
He asked for id proof and check leaf. Beena had also emailedme a filled up form in case I was asked to fill up any form.
Luckily Beena had sent me the policy number. The friendly employee filled up all forms himself and I was only asked to sign.
All procedure over I was given the receipt. I was told that the policy amount would be soon credited to my account.
Really thankful to Beena and all employees of HDFC LiFe for their excellent service.
A policy amount invested in Chennai, travelled to Bengaluru, then to Kerala and settlel down in Bengaluru.
Adventure of a policy account.
In South Point School, Kolkatta students were asked to write autobiographies of things like, a car, coin, chair etc.
This too would make a wonderful autobiography.
Another thing
Proud to be from South Point where the present nobel prize laureate Abhijit Banerjee also studied.
The name of the school is already there in the Guinness World Records for the highest number of students.