Thursday, December 11, 2014

An Elegy

She was a lively spirited soul
her presence at the desk
attending phone calls
with her sweet chirping voice
was music to the ears
a helpful friendly soul
always in starched cotton saris
 her wide smile and friendliness
made her endear to all
I met her one day
she was an epitome of  joy
seeing a colleague's wife
in a pregnant state
said it would be a boy
complemented on looks and
the sari worn
 praises that came from the heart
Alas! a sad news one day
she was no more
was victim to brain haemorrhage
in prime of life
leaving behind
a loving family
to entertain gods above
the office is silent now
without her and her
resounding laughter
that echoed round
the office for years and years  

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