Saturday, August 8, 2020

An Inspiring lesson


In an episode in Mahabharatha, Duryodhana misbehaves with the daughter of a tribal king. The king and his men wait for a chance to capture the evil Duryodhana. He is captured and sentenced to death. He is tied to a pillar and given three days to atone for his sin. But being arrogant he refuses to relent.
Pandavas being in exile hears about it. They are happy saying Duryodhana is facing his karma for all his wicked deeds. Yudhishtra, who always stood for dharma, rebukes his brothers saying that Duryodhana is their brother and needs help. The four Pandavas are aghast at their brother's decision and says they will not accompany him to save Duryodhana..
Yudhishthira takes his bow and arrow and proceeds to the exit. As he proceeds he says- If Duryodha is killed, how will the humiliation of avenged? What will happen to Bheema's vow? If we don't save him now, we will be going against dharma. The brothers understand, pick up their bows and arrows to be with their brother in his task.
If all of us thought like Yudhishtara not with our hearts but with our reason, our hearts full of vengeance, corrupted minds and negative thinking can be overcome.

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