Thursday, August 13, 2020


 My Reminiscences

It was January Eve, of 1978 when my doctor got me positive news about my pregnancy. Venu had a New Year Eve party with colleagues and took me along. He was congratulated for going to be a father and all cheered for master Venugopal.
My due date was set for August 8.
Since master venugopal was refusing to come even when it was 11 August, the doctor treating me told me to get admitted on Monday 14th if no pains experienced to undergo a C- section.
On 12 th Saturday at 11.30 pm. I started my birth pangs. When it got severe,I went to my parent's room. My father who always felt I was a weak child was very anxious for me and looked really worried.
The pains went on till morning.
Venu came with his mother. Seeing me the first thing she said- Anu you have to be strong. You have to undergo more severe pains. I was shocked and asked her whether there were more severe pains than this. She simply smiled and consoled me.
Venu had already told me giving birth was a small affair as his mother had delivered 6 children.
At 8 am, a taxi was called. I was to have my baby at the famed Woodland's Nursing home in Kolkatta.
I was made comfortable in a room where a nurse taught me some breathing excercises whenever I experienced pain.
My mother sat with me and later it was venu's mother who sat with me throughout consoling me.
At 4.30 pm I felt something burst inside me.
I was immediately.wheeled into the labor room. Saw Venu and my father waving at me.
From the time I was wheeled into the labor room till 6.30 I was only asked to exert. Then doctor found baby's head was too big.
Next moment found the nurse with what looked like a pair of huge scissors being used to get baby out. It was 6.47 pm.
The sight of the joyous bundle with head full of curly hair, and a curly lock on its forehead made me forget my trauma.
It was placed on my chest and I saw it looking with half opened eyes at the light shining in the room.
I experienced being patched up inside out till my second trauma came to an end at 10. 30 pm. My mom at the first glance at me said in Malayalam- God's grace ,it's a boy. Venu had always wanted a daughter.
What we got is God's gift.

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