Monday, September 28, 2020

 Remembering 2007 30th August the eve of my son's wedding at Guruvayoor Shri Krishna Temple.

The pre wedding reception went off grandly.

Late into the night, I found as if my voice had deserted me. I could not utter a single word. To top it all ,a torrential rain started. My heart skipped a beat. I prayed ardently to God to make the sun shine before the wedding was conducted.

A Delhi neighbor chanced to call late nigh saying he was in Guruvatoor and where he should come in Guruvayoor. I panicked as I was not able to speak at all.

I managed to tell Venu's name. Don't know whether he understood.

The friend with whom I was sharing my room had told me we could go to the temple at dawn the next morning.

Seeing the rains, she said if it rained in this way it would be difficult to go.

So I thought of relaxing and getting up a little way early.

At the break of dawn, I heard my friend bathing.

I was finding it difficult to wake up so early and have a bath but geared myself up and went to have a bath after she came out.

The water was very cold. There was no geyser and one had to wait for a staff to bring hot water.

I managed to bathe in the cold water also forgetting my sore throat.

We proceeded to the temple. To my delight, it was only drizzling.

As the wedding procession set towards the temple, the Sun God was shining in all His glory. I was really happy to see my friend from Delhi at the wedding.

Surprisingly, having the cold bath with a really bad throat did not seem to have aggrevated the situation.

Indeed God's small mercies to an ardent prayer and positive thinking..

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