Thursday, May 13, 2021

In memory of my husband's brother

 Remembering the very hospitable couple late Chandru and his wife Subhadra.

When Venu had his bypass in 2006, the hospital was close to Candru's house. Venu's relatives and friends were at hospital waiting for news
Whoever were at the hospital used to go to Chandru's house for lunch. Subhadra used to prepare meals which had the traditional Kerala items. Never once she had seemed angry or made any negative remarks for cooking for so many people. Still remember her endearing smile and her willingness to serve with a generous heart.
Not once but continuously for 3 days, the couple were extremely hospitable.
Venu's very close friend' a doctor had taken special permission to be at his side during operation. It was a great solace for me. When the 6 hour long operation got over and his friend called up to convey the news, all were at Chandru's house. Immediately all rushed to hospital.
All were relieved to know the bypass was successful. A jovial doctor, to relieve my tension smiled and told me, When. Venu's heart was opened, I saw you in it. It did relax the tense atmosphere as all present smiled.
Will ever remember Chandru's and Subhadra's hospitality. God give her strength to overcome her irrepressible loss.

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