Thursday, May 13, 2021

The hoodwink

 Remembering our driver Shaji, a Mallu Muslim.

He worked for Venu in the early 20s when we were staying in Shanthi Colony, Chennai.
A very smart and happy-go-lucky youngster.
Whenever he used to take me out, he used to show the houses of various stars. Seen the houses of Vijay and Arjun.
Those days Venu used to be friendly with director Kunjumon, who had directed the blockbuster movie Gentleman.
Both Venu and he had once gone to Dubai together. He had even told me not to worry as he will make sure to bring venu in one piece.
Had one day gone with Shaji to pick up some papers from Kunjumon on Venu's instuction?
Shaji was just getting off the car when I happened to see a very handsome man come out of the gate and asked Shaji whether it was Kunjumon. (This was before I had met Kunjumon at the Chennai International Airport).,Shaji gave me a startled look and said it was his driver.
Shaji proved to be a good driver. Then Venu sent him to work for a friend.
One day, the friend's wife said that Shaji was in love with a lady working in a textile company and having 3 children.
Then I got the news that they had married.
The next I heard about him was he had ditched her with his twins.
Wonder how the poor woman is surviving with 5 children!

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