Friday, May 19, 2017

Laugh Gags

Venu invited his very close friend, parents and sisters home for dinner.
Painstalkingly I prepared everything. When no one came, I was upset. Venu then came with a sorry look on his face saying he had forgotten to invite them. He went quite late at night to bring them home so as not to upset me. But they had already had their dinner and just had some food for namesake.
One day Venu said he was inviting his Times of India friends for having idli, sambar and chutney. I had the batter ground and ready for next day. Luckily sambar and chutney were yet to be prepared.
He came home and said no one was coming. My mother had a touch time finishing the wholesale batter.
One day I told Venu I was making idiappam and mutton curry for dinner. Venu was thrilled.
Did not know my method of making idiappam would backfire as it was not made that way. I did become an expert later. I kneaded the rice flour into a dough, took the idiappam stand and tried to press through the holes. The dough refused to come out. I tried with all my strength but no use.
Venu meanwhile was waiting for his mouthwatering dinner. Not seeing it coming, he came to the kitchen to see what the matter was. Both of us tried but failed.
Time was getting late. Saw Venu running out. He returned with the presswala. Both of them tried with all their strength and some amount of idiappam came out.
Then Venu noticed the dhobi waiting at the door not going home. Asked him why and he replied he wanted to try the dish that was so difficult to make.

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